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VFCF's MISSION is to reduce suicides associated with PTSD and accidental pharmaceutical overdose deaths in both Veterans and civilians alike. We are doing this through CBD education, scientific verification, studying strain efficacy, tracking/reporting data, and empowering positive life change. We will reduce suffering associated with pharmaceuticals within the Veteran, civilian, medical and legislative communities.


VFCF's VISION is a world where the suffering of those who serve our country can be mitigated 
by a treatment that does not further damage their bodies, minds, and lives, or cause the death of 
more than 22 Veterans a day via suicide.

Find out more about the VFCF-50 Case Study

The VFCF-50 is a first-of-its-kind privately funded case study with a focus on reducing PTSD suicides and accidental overdose deaths caused by prescription pain medication in our Veterans and the general public.

Support Our Efforts With A Donation

• Your donations will directly support our VFCF-50 Case Study that will focus on CBD therapy for PTSD and chronic pain.

• With your support, Veterans For Collaboration Foundation will be able to offer needed financial assistance to Veterans who are on a fixed income and who have financial need. Your support can give a Veteran hope, that he or she can visit a physician and speak candidly about CBD therapy and determine if CBD treatment is a viable option.

• VFCF will also help with job placement with other businesses around the country who hire Veterans.

• VFCF, through your donations, can also help Veterans start their own business in the CBD industry.

• With your support we can train Veterans on best practices, how to get funding and also provide grants to Veterans who want to enter the CBD industry, but do not know where to start.

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