DNA Sequencing


Get the specific, approved strain of cannabis you need, no guessing, testing or stressing. Ensure your experience is the same, uniform experience each time.


• DNA Sequenced cannabis strains known to benefit PTSD and chronic pain sufferers.

• Privately funded and done in collaboration with our partner growers, and Medicinal Genomics.

• DNA verification equals legitimacy-the right product with the right benefits for the right outcome and the same experience for the end user each time.

• Partnership with VFCF means affordable, accessible care-free membership, low cost cannabis and preferred treatment through the VFCF network.

SPC Therese Carrozzino


DNA Sequencing For Physicians


The widespread prescription of opiate drugs to U.S. Veterans with chronic conditions has taken a terrible toll on our honored servicemen and women, with more than 22 Veterans a day committing suicide from PTSD and Veterans dying at a 50% greater rate of accidental overdose from prescription pain meds than the civilian population. While the therapeutic use of cannabis has been proven to alleviate many symptoms of PTSD and chronic pain (among many other symptoms and conditions), access is limited to those in a handful of states, and even in those rare places where sales are legal, in-depth education, and verification of the effects of specific cannabis strains is nearly nonexistent.

The VFCF-50 cannabis DNA sequencing program puts the pieces of the cannabis puzzle together for doctors, dispensaries and patients, creating a verified genotype of common strains of cannabis and a structured educational program for Veterans and highly trained bud tenders (cannabis sommeliers), that includes verification of strain by sight and smell. 

With strain and outcome verification, comes legitimacy-and the ability for recommending physicians to confidently recommend treatment with cannabis to produce specific therapeutic results. We are focusing on putting together training for physicians to understand how cannabinoids work and what cannabinoid profile works best for specific illnesses. Look for the VFCF certified logo at physicians offices that are a part of our program. The VFCF-50 is a privately funded program created as a collaboration of Veterans For Cannabis Foundation, Medicinal Genomics and our partner growers and physicians.


Free Membership for participating Veterans who can be verified with a DD-214, or valid military ID.

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